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Air Precleaners for Engines

XLR™ Powered Precleaner™ for Engines

NEW! Sy-Klone® International now offers the XLR™ Powered Precleaner™ for maximum precleaning in impossible environments with the lowest possible restriction to protect your engine! Read more about XLR on Sy-Klone website.

  • High efficiency powered precleaner removes more than 90+% of the dust BEFORE it reaches the prefilter.
  • High efficiency radial seal prefilter then removes 99.99% of ISO fine test dust.
  • Patented self-cleaning prefilter drops dirt continuously, which is then ejected from the XLR filter housing.

This high efficiency powered precleaner removes 99.99% of ISO fine test dust. With the addition of power, there is zero restriction up to 130 CFM (3.68 m3/min).

Series 9000® Precleaners (Single-Stage)

Rugged, routine maintenance-free ejective precleaner extends air-filter life, reduces downtime and saves money. Model is determined by airflow requirements, not inlet size.

OPTIMAX® Precleaners (Dual-Stage)

Get even more precleaning efficiency with Dual-Stage precleaner; requires an exhaust system with a scavenger port. Model is determined by airflow requirements, not inlet size.

Air Quality Systems for Cabs & Enclosures

NEW! RESPA®-CF Vortex HyperFLOW Cab Air Quality Systems

NEW! Latest technology! Our RESPA Revolution Cab Air Quality Systems combines a powered precleaner, air-filter and pressurizer in a compact form.

The single, lightweight monolithic unit places a self-cleaning filter in the center of a vortex with amazing results. RESPA-CF & CFX are powered units. FF and FFX are non-powered. CF and FF units include the Electronic Pressure Monitor System. Extends HVAC service interval and helps prevent the need for HVAC repairs.

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