Ultra-low profile rooftop HVAC system featuring ComforTEK for shuttle and school bus applications.

Thermo King’s Exclusive ComforTEK System
Delivers better air distribution for more comfortable passangers.

Through- Roof Design
Offers two-way airflow, more even weight distribution and easy service access.

Lower Profile
Innovative design for more passangers headroom

Lightweight, Durable & Rustproof
The SLR features a rustproof structural foam ABS cover, which weights less than fiberglass and is more durable


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SLR Brochure

A complete range of HVAC systems for small and medium sized vehicles.

Choose the right system for your application
The entire range is configurable, allowing you to put the cooling where it’s needed

Ultimate Tempurature Control
Delivering the highest capacity and highest airflow.

Integrated Rooftop Effeciency
Units are lighter, more compact and provide better performance.


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ShuttleAIRE Brochure

A modular integrated system for school bus and transit applications.

Optimum Performance
Features the highest airflow in it’s class and additional cooling capacity.

ClimaAire II Control System
Offers driver simple, total control of the vehicle’s internal enviroment.

Single Evaporator Motor
For ease-of-use-service.

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D5 Brochure

Choose from a range of clean, efficient solutions to fit your application.

Use Less Fuel
Eliminates the effects of variable engine RPM on load and demand.

Optimum Air Conditioning Capacity
Better performance at all bus speeds.

Dramatically Improved Reliability
Units are engineered with a reduced number of maintenance items.

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All Electric Bus HVAC Brochure

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