Mountaineer Thermo King understands the importance of Operator Cab Pressurization and how it impacts the operator’s health, especially in challenging, dusty work sites. Having conditioned air pumping into the cabin for the operator of the equipment is a step towards operator comfort and safety.

Cab pressurization is a means to ensure that the operator’s health is protected. Pollutants are kept out through the pressurization of the cab. Having the air being pressed into the filters and then pushed into a well-sealed cabin allows for a positive pressure environment in the cab which will keep contaminants outside. Being able to eliminate health risks as well as upkeep for the electronic functioning of the vehicle can optimize overall truck life and use. Growing research has given more emphasis to pressurization and filtration in the recent years. Having the standards of pressurization that are in place enhance protection to both the driver and the vehicle.

Sy-Klone provides excellent filtration through a quality system that utilized microfibers allowing for the pressurization to not build up debris and dirt, but rather, it accumulates on the outside of the filter allowing it to fall off in the shaking and movement of the engine. The air movement is fast and circular, properly flowing the clean air into the cabin.

Preventing the bad air from coming in and creating positive clean pressure of the clean air is done properly through Sy-Klone’s technologically advanced pressurization system.

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